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Still Framing

Posted on 14th October, 2017

Still Framing


Ok its been a while since my last blog post. There's been plenty of framing work to keep me out of trouble, and lots of personal reasons which have ensured life is far from dull.


The work has been varied, see the gallery page for some of the more unusual or notable items with happy owners. Framing any valuable art and objects, or those real keepsakes with sentimental value, is really beyond priceless. Custom framing is not cheap, but the results will bring happiness for years, and a good solid frame could last a hundred years, which makes it much better value than constantly having to replace cheaper ready made frames, with all the hassle and potential for damage that that entails.


The custom made frame is solid, and by using mounts and spacers we seperate the subject from the glass. This prevents mould forming on textiles and cotton rich papers, and in the event of breakage can give just enough room to prevent some damage to photos and art which are irretrievable.


Safeguarding your investment or just preserving a memory, some prices are worth paying. With Christmas approaching, something precious in a frame could make a good present. But if that's what you want remember we need some time to make the magic happen. If we receive items in before end of November we can guarantee Christmas delivery. give it some thought, then just do it!







It's nice to have the sun on your back

Posted on 10th March, 2015

The sun is always welcome, especially here in rainy Wales. But while it brings out the flowers and raises the spirits, it does not always do frames and the enclosed art work any favours. Sunlight will show up flaws, faults and grime, all of which can occur on frames over time.


But what you may also notice when you take a close look at your frame is that the mounts and any contents may also have faded. This is to be expected, harmful UV is everywhere (and not just in direct sunshine). However, technology is an amaazing thing, and now the framer can offer a range of glass types that will not only enhance the frame contents but will also protect them from much of the harmful UV. (Though the results would be limited in harsh direct sunlight).


These glass types do not come cheap, and when you are already paying a premium for a handmade frame, to then pay an enhanced price for some specialist glass can be a little daunting and will put a stretch on the budget. But how do you put a price on being able to protect and preserve the precious contents of your frame, because while you can always replace a tired looking frame, the contents may be irreplaceable.


Glass is now available, some that irradicates 99% of reflections to give you best view of your frame from anywhere in the room. It does not offer great protection, but then some UV reflecting glasses can reduce reflections by 90% while also eliminating upto 90% of UV. So whatever you want, and wherever you may want to hang a frame (except in direct sunlight) there is a glass choice that will enhance the frame contents and offer some preservation quality.


It's certainly worth asking, and even if your pockets aren't deep enough when getting the frame made, remember the frame can be reglazed at a later date with the protective glass. Any quality framer will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and give you some idea of cost. Asking costs nothing, unlike the glass, but remember you get what you pay for, and preserving whatever you deemed precious enough to put into a bespoke frame in the first place is probably beyond expense!

Happy 2014 and forever!

Posted on 2nd February, 2014

It's difficult to get going in the dog days after Christmas and New Year. That gym membership is already looking a little over optimistic; the weather just makes you want  to stay in bed; and the bills have arrived for Christmas. So we all need something to cheer us up without resorting to fatty foods and alcohol. This is why the holiday companies hit us now with ads, it gives us something to aim for, and come the spring time the DIY shops will be letting you know how you can brighten your house up, and look forward to a barbecue summer.

But this is all transient, the styles change but the message remains the same. Spend, spend, spend, simply for short term cheering up, on things that you will have to do again next year as trends change.

Now you may think that framing is just the same. Well, if you cobble things together in a cheap piece of paper bound mdf from your local discount store then maybe. But I specialise in hand made frames to a high standard of finish. So just as you would expect hand made tailoring to cost more but also last ten times longer than off the peg, then so it is with framing. A well made frame may out last you and the art within it, much as a bespoke suit may outlast the wearer.

So what price can you put on being able to display your memorable photos, favourite artwork, treasured needlework or highly collectable memorabilia not just in a frame that will look dowdy and replacing on a regular basis. But in a hand made frame. An item of quality and style, that will always show off its contents to bring joy to those that see it. Because everything in a handmade frame has a story behind it, so you'll never get bored, because stories are for telling.

Lets get 2014 off to a cheery start, and see how long the smiles last when your favourite things maintain their charm timelessly, in a quality hand made frame.

Bye bye winter blues

Posted on 19th February, 2012

Wow, it's a long time since I found five minutes to update this blog. Work has been fulfilling and my private life has been hectic. But kids have got to clubs on time and all those people who have brought work for framing (Thank You very much) have hopefully gone away as satisfied customers. So busy, but satisfying!


There is a recession going on, there's no point burying our heads over this. But for the framer this can create work which goes someway to counter the general dip.


Some people with a bit of spare cash are looking at art as an investment (cutting out dodgy bankers), such art work can only be preserved in a hand made frame to maintain its looks for fifty plus years.


Other people find the best tonic to the general doom and gloom (and of course the winter blues) is get some nice pictures, or memorabilia of happier times and get that framed.


Finally, some people just have to do something practical to lift the spirits, so, either they decorate their house to give their lives some colour and refresh their framing to match, or they take a break to warmer climes, and bring back some picture keepsakes, which as we all know are best displayed in a custom made frame!


So a little snow drop brightening the winter gloom and shining some pale beams of hope of better things to come not just for the framers, but with luck, for us all.



Framing the future

Posted on 26th July, 2011

Its been some time since I last had chance to enter anything on this blog. Not sure if that is because I'm busy or because family life is so insanely hectic!


Business has been up and down for a while now, but more people seem to be finding me. Some through this web page and a presence on, and also on Google Maps, but many many more through good old reliable Yellow Pages. It's convenient, especially with its new compact size, and its quicker than booting up and logging on. But its not very, you know, swish and exciting.


Not that that maters especially as picture framing always seems to have a dusty conservative image, with well matured people making the frames and people without student debt and young families to fund, spending disposable income on framing.


But compared to many in the job I am a mere whippersnapper, certainly getting a bit dusty around the edges but my kids keep me on my toes and drain my wallet so I guess I must be young. At least young at heart. My aim this summer is to try and introduce something new into framing in this part of the world with brighter and more modern frame and mount designs to add extra value into the frames that I am making. The traditional will stay, it will always have its place and I will still cover a wide range of styles. But its time for colour and some bold design to come forward I think so watch this space.


It is a difficult step to take while the industry has a staid image. Many of the products it offers framers are at best "traditional", but then again so are many of the framers and equally, many many more of their customers.


It is obvious though that there are growing numbers of people from all ages and walks of life that appreciate the value of framing but really would like something a little different and (dare I say it) modern or maybe even avant garde. For those people and for you that have read this (though you are probably one and the same) the future's bright, especially when it's sunny, and when it comes to framing your precious objets or works of art.


Have a nice summer.

Sorry, haven't blogged for a while. Been keeping busy with paperwork, updating frame selection, developing some marketing ideas, and ofcourse completing framing orders, especially those that were needed for Christmas. Still it's all been good activity to help keep the cold at bay as well as the wolves from the door.

I have a feeling this will be a bit of an ongoing battle. VAT increases, on top of job cuts do not make for a happy retailing environment, because those that do have jobs and money hang onto them, and those that lose out only spend on essentials. Now I'm no fool, framing is not viewed as essential when put next to food, housing, power and mobility. But in times of financial crisis we framers do have a role to play.

Anyone who owns an antique picture in whatever art medium, or a more modern artist original or limited edition print should do all they can to preserve them. Not just to maintain the look, but in doing that, to maintain, if not increase their value. True, framing materials have increased in price as many are from overseas, and exchange rates aren't good. Our government in its wisdom is putting up VAT an expense we retailers may have to swallow. But the increase in price of a frame by a few or even a few tens of pounds is nothing when compared to preserving a pictures value that will bring hundreds and thousands back if sold in years to come. Now is not the time to make false economies. Framing can safeguard the future of any investments or value pieces that you possess.

But even if a piece isn't of value, it may mean something to you sentimentally, and no price can be put on keeping those happy memories (which we are going to need to get through this) in good condition and as clear in your mind as they always were.

So if you want to stay happy in hard times, think framing!!!!!!

Hope Christmas was good to you all, here's for a Happy 2011 to all.

Unforgettable summer.

Posted on 4th September, 2010

Wow, doesn't time fly? The summer hols have whipped by so quickly, even though I've had to juggle framing, child care, hols, and some DIY. Where do I find the time and energy? Who knows, answers on a postcard please!

Ok it wasn't the hottest of summers, but that doesn't dampen the spirits when there is fun to be had. With kids around, everyday was an adventure and an opportunity.

We did all the usual family sightseeing stuff which meant photos, souvenirs, and ofcourse the odd art purchase. Now we could just stick all that in a scrap book or a draw, and before long the memories of 2010 will become as cold as the summer itself.

The alternative is to gather the bits and bobs collected and put them in a frame. Lots of photos can be gathered into one frame along with admission tickets, guide books, and badges. There really are no limits when it comes to creating displays. That way the memories of a great summer remain fresh and perhaps take on a rosey tint, at least until the next holidays.


Looking back and looking forward at the same time! Get those souvenirs framed and master this trick!


Protect your value items

Posted on 3rd July, 2010

The mantra these days seems to be that times are tight and will get so tight we will all squeak. So framing doesn't come to mind as a must have item. But that's where you're wrong!


We all have precious items around the house. Some are antiques, some are originals, some are valuable keepsakes. They are all worth more in good condition and one of the best ways to preserve any object or work of art is to get it behind glass and in to a frame.


Some people just don't appreciate that frames are not just for photos and paper based art. Clothing, be it sports jersies, unique fashion items, antique collectible items, or the sentimental signed school shirts and baby items can all be preserved. As can sports equipment, collectible toys, medals and coins, infact you name it, I bet it can be framed.


Anything that is collectible can be framed to preserve its condition, so that when you need it to make an impression or raise some cash for you, the framing will have paid for itself several times over.


The work of a commended framer is reversible, so no damage is done to the frames contents. So keep your valuables valuable, your memories pristine, and your framer happy,- get things framed.

photo opportunity

Posted on 19th May, 2010

It's that time of year again, spring is in the air, and summer is is coming over the horizon like a big sunrise (we hope). For my kids it's summer uniform, classes outside, school visits, and sports on the field, and then long holidays. For others, school and college are ending. There will be happiness and sadness, there will be snapshots at leaving parties, and ofcourse the formal graduation photos. Smiley faces all around. Especially at the framing shops around the country.


For every photo taken, for every certificate awarded, and every school shirt signed by friends there is a potential framing event. Nothing is sadder than hiding away fond memories and achievment that we should be proud of. Blow your own trumpet, put your grad' photos and diplomas on show, keep your leaving memories of old friends fresh, put a smile on your face, and make your framer happy too. Thank you.

Spring Cleaning

Posted on 19th April, 2010

Refreshed after the Easter break its time to roll up the sleeves again and get framing.

This time of the year the sun shows up the dust in the corners and the drabness of the old decor. So its time to spring clean and redecorate. But why go to all that trouble and simply hang old tired frames onto pristine walls?

True, a good frame should be presentable for ten years if left undisturbed and assuming the best materials and technique were applied at the outset. But this cannot be guaranteed as sadly many of those framing are not Commended by The Fine Art Trade Guild, and so their technique and the materials they used may have been less than top notch. Also you will have taken pictures down and rehung them several times. This all takes a toll.

So when the place has been done up, look at your frames. Are they stylish? If they are scratched, the glass marked, or the frame isn't as tight at the corners, or the backing is coming loose, then consider a reframe. Also look at the edges of mountboard which may have gone brown. This is natural wood acids called lignin, and the danger is it could be spreading onto your paper based artwork. This is a definate reframe.

So when the dust has settled and the paint dried you know where I am.