Still Framing

Posted on 14th October, 2017

Still Framing


Ok its been a while since my last blog post. There's been plenty of framing work to keep me out of trouble, and lots of personal reasons which have ensured life is far from dull.


The work has been varied, see the gallery page for some of the more unusual or notable items with happy owners. Framing any valuable art and objects, or those real keepsakes with sentimental value, is really beyond priceless. Custom framing is not cheap, but the results will bring happiness for years, and a good solid frame could last a hundred years, which makes it much better value than constantly having to replace cheaper ready made frames, with all the hassle and potential for damage that that entails.


The custom made frame is solid, and by using mounts and spacers we seperate the subject from the glass. This prevents mould forming on textiles and cotton rich papers, and in the event of breakage can give just enough room to prevent some damage to photos and art which are irretrievable.


Safeguarding your investment or just preserving a memory, some prices are worth paying. With Christmas approaching, something precious in a frame could make a good present. But if that's what you want remember we need some time to make the magic happen. If we receive items in before end of November we can guarantee Christmas delivery. give it some thought, then just do it!







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