It's nice to have the sun on your back

Posted on 10th March, 2015

The sun is always welcome, especially here in rainy Wales. But while it brings out the flowers and raises the spirits, it does not always do frames and the enclosed art work any favours. Sunlight will show up flaws, faults and grime, all of which can occur on frames over time.


But what you may also notice when you take a close look at your frame is that the mounts and any contents may also have faded. This is to be expected, harmful UV is everywhere (and not just in direct sunshine). However, technology is an amaazing thing, and now the framer can offer a range of glass types that will not only enhance the frame contents but will also protect them from much of the harmful UV. (Though the results would be limited in harsh direct sunlight).


These glass types do not come cheap, and when you are already paying a premium for a handmade frame, to then pay an enhanced price for some specialist glass can be a little daunting and will put a stretch on the budget. But how do you put a price on being able to protect and preserve the precious contents of your frame, because while you can always replace a tired looking frame, the contents may be irreplaceable.


Glass is now available, some that irradicates 99% of reflections to give you best view of your frame from anywhere in the room. It does not offer great protection, but then some UV reflecting glasses can reduce reflections by 90% while also eliminating upto 90% of UV. So whatever you want, and wherever you may want to hang a frame (except in direct sunlight) there is a glass choice that will enhance the frame contents and offer some preservation quality.


It's certainly worth asking, and even if your pockets aren't deep enough when getting the frame made, remember the frame can be reglazed at a later date with the protective glass. Any quality framer will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and give you some idea of cost. Asking costs nothing, unlike the glass, but remember you get what you pay for, and preserving whatever you deemed precious enough to put into a bespoke frame in the first place is probably beyond expense!

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