Framing the future

Posted on 26th July, 2011

Its been some time since I last had chance to enter anything on this blog. Not sure if that is because I'm busy or because family life is so insanely hectic!


Business has been up and down for a while now, but more people seem to be finding me. Some through this web page and a presence on, and also on Google Maps, but many many more through good old reliable Yellow Pages. It's convenient, especially with its new compact size, and its quicker than booting up and logging on. But its not very, you know, swish and exciting.


Not that that maters especially as picture framing always seems to have a dusty conservative image, with well matured people making the frames and people without student debt and young families to fund, spending disposable income on framing.


But compared to many in the job I am a mere whippersnapper, certainly getting a bit dusty around the edges but my kids keep me on my toes and drain my wallet so I guess I must be young. At least young at heart. My aim this summer is to try and introduce something new into framing in this part of the world with brighter and more modern frame and mount designs to add extra value into the frames that I am making. The traditional will stay, it will always have its place and I will still cover a wide range of styles. But its time for colour and some bold design to come forward I think so watch this space.


It is a difficult step to take while the industry has a staid image. Many of the products it offers framers are at best "traditional", but then again so are many of the framers and equally, many many more of their customers.


It is obvious though that there are growing numbers of people from all ages and walks of life that appreciate the value of framing but really would like something a little different and (dare I say it) modern or maybe even avant garde. For those people and for you that have read this (though you are probably one and the same) the future's bright, especially when it's sunny, and when it comes to framing your precious objets or works of art.


Have a nice summer.

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