2011 more taxes, but what price happy memories and art investment.

Posted on 27th December, 2010

Sorry, haven't blogged for a while. Been keeping busy with paperwork, updating frame selection, developing some marketing ideas, and ofcourse completing framing orders, especially those that were needed for Christmas. Still it's all been good activity to help keep the cold at bay as well as the wolves from the door.

I have a feeling this will be a bit of an ongoing battle. VAT increases, on top of job cuts do not make for a happy retailing environment, because those that do have jobs and money hang onto them, and those that lose out only spend on essentials. Now I'm no fool, framing is not viewed as essential when put next to food, housing, power and mobility. But in times of financial crisis we framers do have a role to play.

Anyone who owns an antique picture in whatever art medium, or a more modern artist original or limited edition print should do all they can to preserve them. Not just to maintain the look, but in doing that, to maintain, if not increase their value. True, framing materials have increased in price as many are from overseas, and exchange rates aren't good. Our government in its wisdom is putting up VAT an expense we retailers may have to swallow. But the increase in price of a frame by a few or even a few tens of pounds is nothing when compared to preserving a pictures value that will bring hundreds and thousands back if sold in years to come. Now is not the time to make false economies. Framing can safeguard the future of any investments or value pieces that you possess.

But even if a piece isn't of value, it may mean something to you sentimentally, and no price can be put on keeping those happy memories (which we are going to need to get through this) in good condition and as clear in your mind as they always were.

So if you want to stay happy in hard times, think framing!!!!!!

Hope Christmas was good to you all, here's for a Happy 2011 to all.

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