Unforgettable summer.

Posted on 4th September, 2010

Wow, doesn't time fly? The summer hols have whipped by so quickly, even though I've had to juggle framing, child care, hols, and some DIY. Where do I find the time and energy? Who knows, answers on a postcard please!

Ok it wasn't the hottest of summers, but that doesn't dampen the spirits when there is fun to be had. With kids around, everyday was an adventure and an opportunity.

We did all the usual family sightseeing stuff which meant photos, souvenirs, and ofcourse the odd art purchase. Now we could just stick all that in a scrap book or a draw, and before long the memories of 2010 will become as cold as the summer itself.

The alternative is to gather the bits and bobs collected and put them in a frame. Lots of photos can be gathered into one frame along with admission tickets, guide books, and badges. There really are no limits when it comes to creating displays. That way the memories of a great summer remain fresh and perhaps take on a rosey tint, at least until the next holidays.


Looking back and looking forward at the same time! Get those souvenirs framed and master this trick!


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