Happy 2014 and forever!

Posted on 2nd February, 2014

It's difficult to get going in the dog days after Christmas and New Year. That gym membership is already looking a little over optimistic; the weather just makes you want  to stay in bed; and the bills have arrived for Christmas. So we all need something to cheer us up without resorting to fatty foods and alcohol. This is why the holiday companies hit us now with ads, it gives us something to aim for, and come the spring time the DIY shops will be letting you know how you can brighten your house up, and look forward to a barbecue summer.

But this is all transient, the styles change but the message remains the same. Spend, spend, spend, simply for short term cheering up, on things that you will have to do again next year as trends change.

Now you may think that framing is just the same. Well, if you cobble things together in a cheap piece of paper bound mdf from your local discount store then maybe. But I specialise in hand made frames to a high standard of finish. So just as you would expect hand made tailoring to cost more but also last ten times longer than off the peg, then so it is with framing. A well made frame may out last you and the art within it, much as a bespoke suit may outlast the wearer.

So what price can you put on being able to display your memorable photos, favourite artwork, treasured needlework or highly collectable memorabilia not just in a frame that will look dowdy and replacing on a regular basis. But in a hand made frame. An item of quality and style, that will always show off its contents to bring joy to those that see it. Because everything in a handmade frame has a story behind it, so you'll never get bored, because stories are for telling.

Lets get 2014 off to a cheery start, and see how long the smiles last when your favourite things maintain their charm timelessly, in a quality hand made frame.

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