Spring Cleaning

Posted on 19th April, 2010

Refreshed after the Easter break its time to roll up the sleeves again and get framing.

This time of the year the sun shows up the dust in the corners and the drabness of the old decor. So its time to spring clean and redecorate. But why go to all that trouble and simply hang old tired frames onto pristine walls?

True, a good frame should be presentable for ten years if left undisturbed and assuming the best materials and technique were applied at the outset. But this cannot be guaranteed as sadly many of those framing are not Commended by The Fine Art Trade Guild, and so their technique and the materials they used may have been less than top notch. Also you will have taken pictures down and rehung them several times. This all takes a toll.

So when the place has been done up, look at your frames. Are they stylish? If they are scratched, the glass marked, or the frame isn't as tight at the corners, or the backing is coming loose, then consider a reframe. Also look at the edges of mountboard which may have gone brown. This is natural wood acids called lignin, and the danger is it could be spreading onto your paper based artwork. This is a definate reframe.

So when the dust has settled and the paint dried you know where I am.

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