Protect your value items

Posted on 3rd July, 2010

The mantra these days seems to be that times are tight and will get so tight we will all squeak. So framing doesn't come to mind as a must have item. But that's where you're wrong!


We all have precious items around the house. Some are antiques, some are originals, some are valuable keepsakes. They are all worth more in good condition and one of the best ways to preserve any object or work of art is to get it behind glass and in to a frame.


Some people just don't appreciate that frames are not just for photos and paper based art. Clothing, be it sports jersies, unique fashion items, antique collectible items, or the sentimental signed school shirts and baby items can all be preserved. As can sports equipment, collectible toys, medals and coins, infact you name it, I bet it can be framed.


Anything that is collectible can be framed to preserve its condition, so that when you need it to make an impression or raise some cash for you, the framing will have paid for itself several times over.


The work of a commended framer is reversible, so no damage is done to the frames contents. So keep your valuables valuable, your memories pristine, and your framer happy,- get things framed.

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