All quiet on the western front.

Posted on 26th March, 2010

Ok things haven't been hectic this week, but the work keeps flowing through. I've tried to up date my home page a little, and I've ventured onto Facebook. I'm not sure if I'm trying to embrace the technological age or take the bull by the horns. Either way it's quite exciting.


Noticed on my home page a little indignancy levelled at plastic frames. I was going to moderate it, but being a true grumpy old man, this axe needs grinding. Every supplier now offers Polcore or Emafyl plastic mouldings in increasing  numbers. Ok they look not too bad in a dim light. They are cheap (and cheerless), they are light and don't warp. The glues used to bind them are evil products of the petro chemical industry, as are the mouldings themselves. So don't let anyone tell you they are a green alternative to wood, in my view they are not. Provided that the suppliers also take steps to ensure that wood is only from sustainable sources. But maybe that too is something that needs looking into. I will do my best to ask them the right questions, and customers of which ever framer should do the same. Environmentally we shold all do our bit. More thoughts of a framer (heaven help us) will be forthcoming in the future. I thank your indulgence.

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