Happy Easter

Posted on 1st April, 2010

As usual when it comes around to holidays this is a busy time for framers in general. People want to give pictures and mementos as presents at holiday time. Too often though I have to disappoint. To make a hand made frame from scratch, and most importantly, install the art work (or whatever) inside the frame with care, takes time in itself. If the customer wants specific coloured mounts, more elaborate presentation techniques or mouldings not in stock, then 2 weeks is a minimum time to get everything in place. But still they turn up on Good Friday or Christmas Eve. These may have been times of the miraculous, but framers are mortal. So please remember to give us time to produce the best results for you.


Besides having a break I use the down time of holidays to do some housekeeping. Tidy the workshop, clean, calibrate cutters and most importantly stock take. Knowing the stock saves on overordering, keeping down my costs and hence my prices, but it also means that customers can choose items in stock and so the framing process can be speeded up if we don't have to wait for orders.


Enough for now. Have a Happy Easter, we'll be open for orders 17th April.

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