Posted on 17th March, 2010

Okay, how radical is this, a white, middle aged, aspiring middle class, picture framer, blogging?!!!!!! Well I had to give it a go. Have now entered the 20th century a mere 10 years into the 21st. Last month I started downloading music! There's no stopping me now. Well at least if I can fit in all this internet stuff around the framing. So where to start. The begining perhaps. Have been here in lovely south west Wales for over seven years. Moved away from a career in tv based in London, brought the family down here and set up a new business, for an easier paced life, a little nearer poverty, but a super quality of life. Money isn't everything, but I still need the customers. So if you're out there and you need those precious keepsakes, original photos, and art work conserved. Here I am. That's all for now, while I build the rest of this site and get onto the net.

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