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Welcome to

Creative Edge


Paul Marshall GCF.

Carmarthenshires Only

Fine Art Trade Guild

Commended Framer.


 Phew what a scorcher!


The summer sun maybe nice for the complexion but only if you take proper precautions. The same is true for your precious framed artwork. If your pictures catch any direct sunlight they will be fading. It could be time to reframe with glass that has UV filters, a sort of factor50 for art, it will help keep your framed work looking good for a little longer.



We make frames for anyone who has images or objects in need of display and preservation. It could be your own creation, a valuable limited edition print, or an original old master. Souvenirs, keepsakes, and memorabilia could have monetary worth or simply sentimental value.


The aim is to make individual, hand made frames in which to present and preserve any artwork, prints, photography, needlework, textiles, posters, certificates, 3D objects, souvenirs and sporting memorabilia.


Our framing will make the best presentation of your artworks and keepsakes, while providing an appropriate level of conservation. At the customers request the best materials for the job are applied to the highest standard of technique.


Creative Edge only uses top quality wooden frame mouldings, from sustainable sources that are delivered promptly from the UK's leading suppliers. 


The range of mountboards used starts with whitecore to maintain a crisp, clean appearance for longer. For more valuable and antique works, we then use conservation quality board.


Our frames use plain 2mm glass for the most basic work; styrene (glazing quality plastic) where weight and safety are an issue; to various "Tru Vue" (or similar) glasses where reflection control and UV protection are important.



Quality of materials and quality of service are our bywords.